Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The mystical Coronavirus is acting in a way that also researchers locate hard to explain. The condition presents unexplained phenomena and also instances that are inappropriate with the explanation that the seriousness of the disease relies on the age and also the history of diseases. Complying with are several instances:

The reality that young and healthy and balanced individuals in their 20’s, who get the condition, die. Find more details here.

The truth that elderly individuals over the age of 100 years have recovered from the Coronavirus.

The truth that there are people who get the condition without even feeling it.
The reality that there are people (few) who recovered from the Coronavirus as well as acquired it once more.

The truth that some scientists believe that there might be 2 pressures to the disease, one moderate as well as another hostile.

These instances need to lead, also individuals that are not specialists in the field, to the verdict that there is an additional significant threat factor. This factor can certainly be, as described below, the degree of direct exposure to the Coronavirus, or, in other words, the variety of viruses to which the body is subjected.

The body’s immune system resembles a nationwide military. The more youthful and also much healthier the people, the stronger their military. When foreign and also aggressive viruses get into the body, soldiers of the body immune system instantly activate to secure it. The presumption whereby healthy individuals, with no background ailments, can get rid of the virus, is based just on the high quality of their immune system, however does rule out the amount, i.e. the numerical balance of power in between the number of immune system cells as well as the variety of the assaulting viruses.

To much better recognize the level to which exposure to the infection can be essential, we will certainly present two instances of contraction – one by a healthy and balanced young adult who hung out with Corona patients for a number of days without maintaining a distance, and also the various other, a healthy young adult who only touched a surface area a number of hrs after it was revealed to the virus. Clearly, the body immune system of the private subjected to a “small” number of infection cells can conquer them more quickly than the immune system of a private revealed to a much bigger quantity of the infection cells.

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