Wedding Reception Ideas for Outdoor Weddings


Having an outside wedding is extremely romantic but it can feature a great deal of ‘what-if’s’ with the main one being the weather condition. There is always the chance that it will moisten your big day and you will be forced to move it indoors but if you have the perfect day with great deals of sunlight, here are some excellent concepts for the wedding party.


One crucial thing to think about before picking a venue is whether you will require a tent or not to hold the reception. Having a camping tent to host the wedding party will assist not needing to invest the time continuously in the sun. This can lead to sunburns for the bride-to-be and visitors. Some visitors may not have the ability to stand much sunlight. Likewise, having a camping tent will be an insurance coverage of sorts if the weather turns bad and starts to rain. It will also make it much easier to keep the cake from melting under the hot sun. You need to likewise have a backup plan where it can be moved indoors if necessary in case of a bad storm.

You need to likewise look at the available parking because you want to make sure that your visitors have a place to park and not have to walk a far range to get to the reception or drive around searching for a parking spot. If you have the room for parking and such, you can constantly host the reception in your yard.


For a wedding party outdoors, it is best to keep the decors to a minimum. As far as decorations are worried let nature do the talking. Compliment nature with pieces that will enhance its grandeur. Just ensure that any hazardous decors like lamps or candle lights are stayed out the reach of any kids. You also need to make sure anything that has wires runs out the method so nobody will trip over them. You can use silk flowers instead of genuine ones if you would like.

Food and beverage

The main point that will determine what you serve is your budget. It can be anything from a full sit down supper to simple snacks. It is best to keep it simple but one thing to bear in mind is that it holds true that numerous do judge a wedding by the kind of food and drink they serve. For a wedding reception outdoors, you could have a hog roast or a buffet of picnic foods, or finger sandwiches. If there are to be kids at the reception ensure that you consist of food on the menu that will satisfy the little ones.

These are just some concepts you can utilize when planning a wedding reception for an outside wedding. Check also Maui weddings.

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