Coronavirus: What To Do


While there are numerous items to the COVID 19 problem, as well as I certainly can not resolve them all, I would love to provide you first some functional guidance, after that describe the scientific research behind it, and also lastly, connect it to a somewhat even more philosophical argument.

So, what to do in the context of the coronavirus to safeguard our health (besides cleaning hands as well as self-isolating)? I recommend we go back to fundamentals, namely: water, air, sun and earth. These are standard sources, readily available easily from nature. As an apart: observe that also where these basic natural power resources were not readily available until just recently due to environmental pollution, the radical steps we have actually been taking to decrease the spread of the coronavirus have in fact permitted us to enjoy more clear waters, blue skies and fresher air (which Europeans can breathe from their porches).

Now, allow us check out just how water, air, sunlight and earth might connect with your body, enhance it, as well as help our body immune system in these times of pandemic (yet also generally). All of us recognize that the body is mostly water (in fact, something like 99.2% of the human body is/should be water). We also recognize that babies are moistened the most, while older individuals are the most dehydrated part of the populace. And also we know that as we age, we not just end up being considerably dried out yet our body immune system likewise declines. Note though that dehydration-weaker body immune system might not be a direct causal partnership, or a minimum of not the only direct causal connection playing out. Nevertheless, it is difficult to overlook the robust relationship between hydration and also body immune system feature. As a matter of fact, a similar correlation can be observed in the feature of numerous various other body components and process. Thus, it is not a trick that dehydration usually goes together with bronchial asthma, constipation, poor lymphatic water drainage, migraine headaches, chronic joint discomfort, exhaustion, and more.

On the face of it, there is no question that hydration is maybe the number 1 factor we need to care for if we intend to take care of our wellness. Yet you probably knew that currently. What you may have not known, nonetheless, is that earth energy, oxygen as well as light help hydration on a cellular level. Without basing via the Earth, light from the Sunlight and also oxygen from the Air, you can consume as much water as you want, and also still continue to be dried (as well as perhaps puffed up on the top of that).

Currently, what is so special about grounding, oxygen and also light such that it aids our cells soak up water? Simplistically, for the absorption to occur there needs to be motion of the water (in and out of the cell through the cell membrane). Simply put, water requires to circulate. As well as it does so by separating itself right into negative and positive costs. Where water touches cell membrane layers, it forms the so called exemption zone, or EZ water (this is negatively billed water which omits contaminants as well as waste). The rest declares. The negatively charged water enters the cells (and is able to do so due to the cost separation). Once inside the cell, the water starts to drive countless biochemical reactions (thanks to the negative charge), including such that refer to repair and also regrowth. The favorably charged water is eliminated with exhalation, peeing, sweat, etc. Essentially, the more cost splitting up occurs in the water in the body, and the more negatively billed water is being created, the a lot more successfully the body functions. Significantly, grounding Planet power, oxygen as well as light (specifically the infra-red spectrum which, incidentally, is typically blocked by glass) all contribute to the fee separation and the development of EZ water (i.e. negatively battery charger water) hence assisting you remain hydrated and improving your body immune system function, among several other points.

To conclude, Back TO Fundamentals is maybe one of the considerably numerous lessons we might have the ability to draw out from the coronavirus situation. In the context of obvious scarcity of materials and also resources (masks, anti-bacterials, vitamin C, medical employees, etc.), Nature is still here to use us its boundless power resources: water, air, sunlight and earth. So it is time to be with Nature. Naturally, those that have a backyard are way more fortunate than the ones stuck on the porches however this by itself is a possibility to re-evaluate the options we have made and also maybe simplify life in order to accomplish joy. Check also covid 19 cleanup services.


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